Celle Rikwerda – Canadian Herb Conference
Celle Rikwerda

Celle Rikwerda

Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist

Celle is a clinical herbalist, medicinal plant conservationist, holistic nutritionist & devoted mother of five. Celle owns & operates Essential Elements Wellness, a Holistic Clinic & Spa, in Victoria, BC. As an Indigenous Herbalist, her practice is deeply rooted with a knowledge & respect for the land & its medicinal plants. With close to two decades of dedicated study & hands-on experience, she has cultivated a unique expertise in the art of herbal medicine & folk herbalism, drawing from traditional wisdom & modern science. Whether crafting custom herbal formulations or offering personalized nutrition plans, Celle's approach is always rooted in a deep respect for the interconnectedness of body, mind & spirit; this is also evident in her hands-on workshops & seminars. Beyond her clinical work, she is deeply committed to the conservation of medicinal plants & the preservation of biodiversity. Celle is an advocate for sustainable harvesting practices to help ensure the survival of endangered plants. Together, it is her hope that we may cultivate a future where health, harmony, & compassion reign supreme, nourishing our bodies, our communities, & our plant with love & reverence.

Saturday, June 22nd
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sunday, June 23rd