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Chanchal Cabrera, Medical Herbalist

Chanchal is a medical herbalist and consultant, and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK) since 1987. She obtained her MSc in herbal medicine at the University of Wales. Her clinical specialty is helping people manage cancer. Widely published in medical journals, Chanchal is also the author of the book, Fibromyalgia – A Journey Toward Healing, published by Contemporary Books. In 2009 She was honoured with a Fellowship in the NIMH for service to the profession over 35 years.

Chanchal lives on Vancouver Island, BC with her husband, Thierry. They own Innisfree Farm and Botanic Garden, and grow food and medicinal herbs for her clinic. Visit her website and browse her online shop – if you wish to purchase anything, please include the promo code: CHC2021 to receive 10% off. Offer good between now and Dec. 5, 2021.

Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine

The Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine was founded in 2012 to provide high quality distance education, overseas educational opportunities, and mentorship training for aspiring clinicians. Online programs include Food As Medicine (holistic and clinical nutrition), Inside Ayurveda (clinical training for the Western practitioner), and Phytomedica (integrative medicine). Overseas training includes educational opportunities with traditional physicians in both Nepal and India, with a focus on clinical practice and pharmacy. Clinical mentorship and apprenticeship training is available to advanced students at our farm, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. 

Our founder, Todd Caldecott, is a clinical herbalist and Ayurveda practitioner with over 23 years of experience, with a diverse background in clinical practice, education, wildcrafting, research, writing, and product development. He is a registered professional practitioner with the American Herbalists Guild and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, author of several books including Food As Medicine.

Emery Herbals

Emery Herbals acknowledges that their business gratefully resides and operates on the traditional, ancestral and unceded təmxʷulaʔxʷ (homeland) of the Sinixt Peoples.

Founded in 2003,  Colleen Emery developed Emery Herbals as a small, urban, inner city home based business, providing access to consciously sourced and created plant medicine.  In 2011, Colleen, her husband Ashley and daughter Freya moved from the inner city to an off grid yurt in the heart of the West Kootenay Mountains. Emery Herbals expanded in the small village of Winlaw, BC to house an East West focused Botanical Compounding Dispensary, Healing Suites and Teaching Centre.

Emery Herbals commitment is to provide open access to high quality, consciously sourced botanicals; professional health services and empowering education experiences that aim to encourage and cultivate sustained wellness.

The Botanical Dispensary provides formulating, compounding and dispensing services for the local community, regional health practitioners as well as distant clients and health providers in other areas of the world. Through the many years of formulating and custom blending for her clients, Colleen Emery has created a dynamic offering of shelf products ready to dispense directly to our clients available for purchase in the Winlaw location as well as in the Online Apothecary.

Emery Herbals Healing Suites offers access to educated and trained health Practitioners in a peaceful and enriching environment to help guide and support your wellness and healing journey.

Our Teaching Centre actively provides education experiences to help grow your connection to the natural world and bring empowerment to your healthcare. Providing access to both onsite and online workshops and programs, Emery Herbals offers an array of herbal medicine education options from home use to clinical practice.

Conference Participants can enjoy a 15% discount coupon for all goods purchased in the online apothecary until October 31st 2022. Please enter code CHC2021 in the checkout.

Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts is a growing plant medicine company, founded in 2008 by Clinical Herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard. Located on beautiful Vancouver Island B.C.- our mission is to share the healing power of plant medicine- by crafting high-quality, easy-to-use herbal products.

Explore our herbalist-formulated Elixirs, Organic Mushroom Powders, Tincture Blends, and more at our website:

For 10% OFF your next Harmonic Arts order, enter the code HERBCONF at checkout, or click this link for it to be auto-applied:

Little Piece of Paradise Farm

At Little Piece of Paradise Farm we grow certified organic herbs in Winlaw, BC, Canada. We also hand harvest, cut and remove stems by hand and dry in small batches. All this to ensure that herbs retain flavour and shape and you get the best quality dried herbs possible.

Following regenerative farming practices, like preparing new beds by having our sheep, goats and pigs eat and dig up the land, and trying to be self-sufficient by growing our food and eating our animals, we really are trying to supply you with the most ethical and sustainable herbs possible.

Our Culinary and Medicinal herbs are grown in this way to provide you with the most aroma, flavour and health benefits and to give back to nature in the process.

Discover our dried herbs, herbal teas and mixes on our website, check out reviews on and become a member of our community by joining our Herbal CSA Program.


Coupon Code 888 for $100 off on any Medastro course, good through 11-11-2021.

Will Morris teaches medical astrology for herbal medicine, homeopathy, and sound healing. He has more than 40 years of experience and 40,000 patient visits using the methods that he teaches. Will is available for consultations ($50 off with Coupon Code 888). Mentorships are also available. Contract teaching for schools on clinical assessment is also available.


Book Bundles

Bookbundles provides guidance for those looking to self-publish. Abrah Arneson’s trust in my ability to guide, support and offer advice allowed me to Copy Edit, Format, help with Blurb Writing and Cover design, her latest book The Weaving: Plants, Planets, and People, An Exploration Through Time until the final click of ‘published’.

My 35 years as a meditation teacher infuses every detail of my service to others who wish to write books. My award-winning memoir My Impossible Life trauma travel & transcendence demonstrates my ability to write, edit and publish to professional standards. My other works of non-fiction The Healing Power of Mind and Medicine Mind Buddha Mind further showcase my expertise.

As a therapist of 23 years and a writer of over 5 decades, I know how deeply authors feel about their work; I understand the relationship between identity, writing and frustration; I have been in the troughs, and seen them through to the next crest.

Best of all those who choose for their editing, formatting, blurb writing, self-publishing completion will be treated to my personal attention. Bookbundles is a boutique agency, and as such I only take on a very few clients at a time.

Wild Rose Herbal College

Founded in Calgary, Canada, in 1975 by Dr Terry Willard, Ph.D., Cl.H., Wild Rose Herbal College has grown from a popular brick-and-mortar school with city locations in Calgary and Vancouver to an online herbal learning destination connecting the herbal community from the local to the global. 

Today Wild Rose College is run by a team of passionate and talented herbalists, including Terry and son, Herbalist Yarrow Willard, offering on-line Diploma programs with in-person clinical intensives.

Wild Rose emphasises the wholism of the individual – the integration of the body, mind and spirit. Each of our comprehensive courses offers this within an up-to-date, interactive, on-line platform.

Wild Rose is proud to offer some of the most support for personalized herbal education that you will find anywhere–as well as some of the most innovative topics in the herb world today. Join us!

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Poppy Petal Press

At Poppy Petal Press we share books and courses designed to inspire a connection with herbal plants and earth rhythms during busy days with young kids.

The Sketches of the Seasons series walks you through each of the changing seasons from a fresh perspective. Each book includes an illustrated children’s story, as well as ideas for celebrating the shifting season, nourishment, kid crafting, and inspiration for adult reflection time.

Want to go a bit deeper? Our courses and retreats offer an experiential immersion in connecting with the energy of the changing season, herbal plants, and your inner wisdom. We also offer one-on-one and small group sessions, and personalized tea blends. Offerings are online or in-person.

Visit to learn more and sign up to receive a free seasonal mini-workbook for your kids (includes a recipe for herbal cookies!) and 15% off your first purchase.


Seed Sistas - cultivating change

The Seed Sistas are published authors, public speakers, medical herbalists and eco-activists. They have written the Sensory Herbal Handbook and have three more publications coming up. The Seed Sistas use story-telling and theatre to bring herbal education into the hearts of the people.

The Seed Sistas run a community interest company, Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution, that focusses on planting and supporting community herb gardens and creating empowered, resilient communities that care for their local green spaces.

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