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Into the Wild Marketing

Into the Wild Marketing, founded by the digital savvy and nature enthusiast Holly LaRochelle, stands out as a beacon of support for plant people aiming to cultivate their online presence.

Into the Wild Marketing offers a suite of services and courses tailored for green-thumbed entrepreneurs, encompassing brand development, trauma informed website building, online store creation, and content strategy. Clients laud Holly for her jargon-free, honest, and uncomplicated approach to technology, finding refuge in her easygoing and clear communication style.

Beyond the keyboard, Holly’s passion for organic gardening, herbalism, and adventure in Northern Alberta’s mountains and trails shines through, ensuring that every client’s journey with Into the Wild Marketing is grounded in authenticity, nature’s rhythms, and a spirit of adventure.

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Trail of Adventure

Trail of Adventure is a unique personal development business that caters to women seeking balance, purpose, and connection in their lives.  Specializing in custom flower essence formulation, Trail of Adventure provides a holistic approach to wellness through its proprietary framework, The Trail.

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British Columbia

Chanchal Cabrera, Medical Herbalist

Drawing from decades of clinical experience helping patients recover from cancer, Chanchal’s new book “Holistic Cancer Care” provides a wealth of safe, well-researched information, including specific herbal formulas, important discussions about dosing and safety, detox protocols, recommendations for nutritional supplements, simple recipes for nourishing meals, and patient case histories that demonstrate the power of the strategies she recommends.

Fresh from writing the definitive guide to holistic cancer care, Chanchal is offering several series of classes on aspects of herbal medicine for beginners to practitioners.

Study and learn with Chanchal’s new 6-week online course:

**Starting Now** Building Resilience: The Essential Guide to Holistic Cancer Care (hosted by BotanicWise)

A deep dive into understanding, assessing, treating and monitoring cancer. Learn to use clinical herbal medicine to promote call differentiation and apoptosis, and to inhibit cell cycling. Learn about specific testing to guide conventional and holistic treatment choices as well as detoxification strategies, specific diets for treating cancer, and the art and science of herbal formulating.

This is for intermediate & advanced students. Save $76 on with coupon code CHCBONUS76

Visit or email for more information.

Emery Herbals

Founded by Colleen Emery in 2003, Emery Herbals is located on the traditional, ancestral and unceded təmxʷulaʔxʷ (homeland) of the Sinixt Peoples, in the heart of the West Kootenay Mountains. 

Emery Herbals is a multi-faceted herbal business consisting of a Compounding Botanical Dispensary, Healing Suites and Teaching Centre.

Emery Herbals commitment is to provide open access to high quality, consciously sourced botanicals; professional health services and empowering education experiences that aim to encourage and cultivate sustained wellness.

Our Botanical Dispensary provides formulating, compounding and dispensing services for the local community and regional health practitioners as well as distant clients and health providers in other areas of the world. 

Emery Herbals Healing Suites offers barrier free access to educated and trained health Practitioners in a peaceful and enriching environment. Colleen’s practice mandates affordable care for all ages with a focus on family health and eldercare along with complex health conditions. Providing access to low-cost care in a high priority for our team offering a monthly student clinic in tandem to our pay-it-forward program.

Our Teaching Centre actively provides education experiences to help grow your connection to the natural world and bring empowerment to your healthcare. Colleen’s focus is to provide access to onsite and online herbal education experiences geared toward the Herbal Medicine student training in client specific clinical work. 

Supporting our Herbal Medicine Community is a key focus for Emery Herbals. Colleen sits as President of the British Columbia Herbalist’s Association (BCHA).  Colleen co-organizes the Kootenay Herb Conference, the Vancouver Island Herb Gathering & the Canadian Herb Conference and is on the faculty of the Wild Rose College.

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Harmonic Arts

Nestled in beautiful Cumberland, BC, Harmonic Arts is a family-owned plant medicine company devoted to supporting the health of people and the planet. In 2009, clinical herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard identified a gap in the availability of high-quality, herbalist-formulated plant medicines. Guided by their belief in accessible herbalism, they began crafting potent, effective, and easy-to-use herbal products.

Inspired by the natural abundance of Vancouver Island, the Willards’ passion for plant medicine leads us in developing innovative herbal formulas to nurture you on your path to wellness.

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Innisfree Farm & Botanic Garden

Herb Gardens, Herbal Themed Cafe, Herbal Products, Herbal Medicine

* 7 acres of Food and Medicine Gardens
* small batch, hand-crafted herbal food and personal care products
* workshops and classes in holistic health and natural lifestyles
* specialty herbal formulas, prescription filling and custom blending
* delicious, seasonal, al fresco ‘field to fork’ dining

Learning Opportunities with Chanchal Cabrera at Innisfree Farm & Botanic Garden in 2024:

  • Practical herbal medicine apprenticeship: Growing, harvesting, and hand-crafting a selection of herbal medicines for yourself and your family.
  • Advanced clinical herbal medicine mentoring program: with online & in-person options.
  • Summer Herb Camp with Kat Maier
  • Residential opportunity for 5 special people to live in the Botanic Garden mid-May – mid-September (8 or 16-week sessions), participate in the full apprenticeship and experience small scale farming, food processing and preservation, horticulture therapy, herbal medicine and more.

Visit or email for more information.

Katolen Yardley, Medical Herbalist & Doctor of Osteopathy

Katolen is a medical herbalist with a degree in Osteopathy, with over 22 years of experience, she brings a diverse background combining her clinical practice with writing and teaching, as well as offers business consulting and product development for the holistic health field. Katolen is a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (US) and the National institute of Medical Herbalists (UK) she is the former president of the BC Herbalists Association (2015-2019) and current president of the Canadian Council of Herbalists Associations and author of several textbooks and “The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Medicine” (2016) which is available on Amazon.

Katolen is available for clinic consultations both online or in-person. To attendees of the conference she is offering a one time, $25 off on an initial consultation for manual osteopathy at her Vancouver or Port Moody office until December 31, 2021.

Katolen is also the owner of Alchemy & Elixir Health Group an online shop offering organic, high quality bulk herbs, green tea, aromatherapy and nutritional supplements.

Since 2012, Katolen has run an apprenticeship program for advanced students of herbal medicine, where students learn the skills of running a clinic, dispensing, hands-on physical assessment skills and examinations, and recipe creation. Visit her student mentorship webpage for more information.

Mangata Apothecary

Mangata Apothecary is a female owned, award winning brand of health and wellness products that have been growing in popularity! Each product has been crafted by midwife/home herbalist Stefanie (CEO/Founder) and are CertClean certified and Leaping Bunny certified. Given the chance to audition for Dragon’s Den in 2022 and in 2023- we have begun to attract attention and our herbal balms specifically are featured in Canadian Home Trends Magazine – Bed & Bath edition, and this fall we will also be on the Marc & Mandy Show! 

Mangata Apothecary is headquartered in South Surrey where we also operate as the in-house dispensary and formulator for TCM and Naturopath Doctors in a female-run, holistic clinic called Mind Body Shen. 

Stefanie is a proud student of Wild Rose College and sources from Canadian companies. Her passion is to ‘Bring Botanicals Back” to this generation. Visit her at Mangata Dispensary or order online! 

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Ravensong Seeds & Herbals

Herb Plants & Seeds
Herbal Products ~ tinctures, salves, hydrosols etc.

Unity Herbals

Unity Herbals serves a variety of plant based tea blends you can enjoy day and night, and most are caffeine free. A flavourful selection of blended tisanes invite you to sit down, take your time, meditate and unwind! Enjoy a warm drink that supports your health and well-being, and let go of addictions to caffeine, sodas, and sugary alcoholic beverages! When using good quality herbal blends, one to two teaspoons per cup is the perfect recipe.

Each of my unique blends are created for flavour with healthful ingredients, many of which have healing properties. Tisanes containing leaves and flowers are best made as a long-steeped infusion (with hot water), whereas roots and bark will give more of their benefits when decocted (boiled and simmered). Enjoy each cup’s vital energy directly from Mother Earth to your cup!

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Viva Cacao!

We are a small-batch chocolate company based out of Slocan, BC. We offer a full line of ethically sourced, dairy-free chocolate bars made with superfoods and organic coconut sugar. We also offer bulk ingredients, syrup, drinking chocolate, chocolate barks and chocolate couverture.


Viva Cacao was started in 2019 out of a passion for creating integral high-quality products with a focus on accountability to the next 7 generations and communities everywhere.

Our chocolate is accessible, alluring, handcrafted, and affordable. Healthy ingredients, conscious business practices, and social justice are at the core of our values.

Viva Cacao is not only on a journey to inspire, we are on a journey to provide the consumer with chocolate that will do good and feel good in their bodies.

We are offering a 15% discount for CHC participants, Use PROMO CODE: HERBLOVE

Wild Craft Play 'sCool

Children in Wild Craft Play are selling their hand-crafted wares to raise money and awareness of local environmental issues like illegal garbage dumping. Our Art Cards are by Island artists in support of their fundraising, coptic bound journals, chocolates made on Innisfree land, and other trinkets.

Wild Folk Herb Farm

~ We are the Wild Folk Herb Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC ~

The land we steward and call home is nestled on the diverse ecotone of forest and field, on a small island off the West Coast of Canada.

Here we raise our 2 children, Southdown Baby Doll, registered Kunekune pigs, Shetland Ponies, Rabbits, Heritage chickens and grow an abundance of medicinal herbs.

We are proud to be facilitating on-the-farm workshops, courses and classes focused on Holistic Herbal Medicine & Biodynamic Herb Farming. We strive to cultivate potent and vibrant medicinal plants, seeds and herbal preparations, that have been grown with love from seed to bottle.

Together we combine our love of Biology, Chemistry, Education, Plant Medicine & Magic to bring our offerings to you!

~ Störii, Dane & The Wild Ones

Wild Rose Herbal College

Founded in Calgary, Canada, in 1975 by Dr Terry Willard, Ph.D., Cl.H., Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine has grown from a popular brick-and-mortar school with city locations in Calgary and Vancouver to an online herbal learning destination connecting the herbal community from the local to the global. 

Today Wild Rose College is run by a team of passionate and talented herbalists including Terry and son, Herbalist Yarrow Willard, which offers on-line Diploma programs with in-person & on-line clinical intensives.

Wild Rose emphasises the wholism of the individual – the integration of the body, mind and spirit. Each of our comprehensive courses offers this within an up-to-date, interactive, on-line platform.

Wild Rose is proud to offer some of the most support for personalized herbal education that you will find anywhere–as well as some of the most innovative topics in the herb world today. 

Study Herbal Medicine at your own pace from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Join us!

Zhi Herbals

We supply organic and sustainably wildcrafted bulk herbs and medicinal herbal tea blends. Free shipping for all Canadian orders. Based in Vancouver, Canada.

Senses of the Soul

Senses of the Soul is dedicated to supporting others on their soulful journey to embrace their highest illuminative potential. All parts of this visionary business -the clinical practice, seaside garden/botanical sanctuary and product line form a cohesive vision to uplift, inspire, and empower others to become conscious co-creators of their own life, and engage as self-responsible caretakers of our beloved planet.


The Ginkgo Tree

Abrah Arneson Cht RH

Here is what folks are saying about Abrah’s books:

Abrah’s rich storytelling never fails to hold my captive attention and imagination. Her stories reflect deep plant wisdom, unbending truths, wise knowledge and emotional intelligence. Best read in the dark during quiet times, slowly, one chapter at a time. HL

I find the book thoughtfully written and brought up more questions for me. It is a book I will reference as I continue in my journey of ancestral healing.My first time reading through this book was just for the enjoyment of it. My future ones will be for the knowledge and ideas through the plants and stories. It is a book for everyone whether you want some good stories or are doing or are thinking of doing some ancestral work. KP

This book is a must have for anyone with an interest in the history of contraception, the destructive and controlling nature of patriarchy, and/or a fascination with herbal remedies and the women who carried this knowledge forth during the most dangerous times. I know I will be re-reading this book many times. MK

Faunus Herbs

Faunus Herbs manufactures medical/consumer herbal and natural food products, distributed throughout Canada and the USA, including 1000 products and formulations distributed to thousands of health care professionals within Canada and the USA.  The company has developed and manufactured formulae for some of the most high profile distribution companies in North America.

Faunus Herbs contracts directly with organic farmers to produce herbs , grains and other raw materials for the many products they manufacture.

Faunus Herbs is a family farm based operation, growing and producing a wide variety of herbs, grains, seeds, etc.  Manufacturing facilities are also “on the farm”.  Contract manufacturing, for Canadian Health Food Association CHFA member distribution companies, is also a large part of its operations.  Manufacturing facilities meet Canadian and US GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and Health Canada Site License requirements.  Fauns Herbs is inspected every year by Eco Cert International, the world’s most respected QC agency for premium organic production.  Faunus Herbs also meets Kosher certification requirements.

The Ginkgo Tree

Our passion is herbal education; offering a diploma course, blog, retreat centre, herbal conferences: Back to Your Roots and Lady Slipper (co organizer), and lecturing here in Canada and internationally. But our hearts work is our Kina Gegoo Botanical Sanctuary! We have been tilling, digging, dividing and planting on our lovely little farm for over thirty years. Planting trees, any native plant species and endangered/at risk native plant species that are not already thriving on the land. Some of the plants we have re-introduced into the wild are Echinacea, Ramps, Trilliums, Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Arnica, Goldenseal and Bloodroot. Creating a new wild space that was not there before, where there are common sightings are deer, rabbits, coyotes, wild turkeys, hawks, raccoons, and rare sightings of lynx, bears, and even a cougar. Such fulfilling work 🙂

Victor Cirone - Homeopathy & Herbal Medicine

I am a Registered Homeopath and Clinical Herbalist in private practice. I am currently offering a 12 week course entitled Practical Homeopathy for Self and Family Care. In this course, we will explore the foundations of home prescribing and the treatment of commonly encountered acute conditions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of 30+ essential remedies and how to use them to support themselves and their families in regularly encountered acute situations. This course is for anyone with a strong interest in natural healing, who is looking to empower themselves by taking control of their health and the health of their family. It is also intended for healthcare practitioners who are curious about homeopathy and who would like to establish solid foundational understanding of homeopathic healing principles and practices. I am offering 15% off of the tuition price (regular $345) for all conference attendees.

Wild Medicinals

Wild Medicinals is a multi-faceted herbal company that offers products including spagyrics, skincare and herbs grown in our garden as well as educational classes, workshops and clinical consultations. All of our products are expertly formulated and handcrafted by Registered Herbalist Megan Kendrick.

New Brunswick

Bear Roots Forest

Bear Roots Forest is a plant and pollinator sanctuary nestled in the forest among the abundance of wild medicinal herbs that call the land home. As stewards of this land, we use biodynamic and permaculture practices to nourish the lands existing ecosystem. Our hand-crafted products are made using wild-crafted and garden grown herbs. From our busy bees we have delicious honey, from the soil we have lovely garlic that we process into black garlic and from the wonderful plants we create tea blends, infused oils, salves, extracts, hydrosols, etc.

Use coupon code CHC2023 to save 10% on orders placed until the start of the 2024 conference!

Nova Scotia

Bloom Institute of Holistic Living & Learning

Bloom now offers an online herbal program and clinic services. Students seeking clinic practicum can do so, in person or online, at the Bloom Student Clinic and Dispensary.

The Bloom Institute is grounded in plant-centered wellness, offering herbal education at the personal and professional level, plant identification walks and workshops, and a herbal medicine clinic and dispensary.

“Savayda Jarone, RHP, is the herbalist that makes it all happen at Bloom. Now in her 23rd year of clinical practice, she operates a private clinic and dispensary in Halifax.

Savayda is a founding and current member of the CCHA and Herbalist Association of NS

Maritime School of Holistic Herbalism

We know that an herbal education that builds your skills and confidence must be rooted in the land, relationship, community and direct experience.

Our goal is to teach you an approach to herbalism that is ethical, safe and effective, giving you a solid foundational understanding that is immediately applicable to your life. This program has a balance of both hands-on and academic learning, designed to support you in learning through your own experience and applying what you learn directly.

Ten monthly live weekend intensives allow you to learn in community with your peers, while the pre-recorded videos to watch between the weekends offer you flexibility to go at your own pace. You can join weekend classes in person or online, offering the opportunity to live anywhere while studying with us. Whether you’re looking to support yourself, your family, or eventually your community, this program is designed to give you the skills and tools you need to be a competent herbalist.

The times we live in deeply need the skills, intention, and heart that herbalists can offer.

Come join us! Our goal is to grow a base of knowledgeable herbalists across the region, who can support the day to day health of friends and family.

Oren Hercz RHP (HANS), Clinical Herbalist

Oren Hercz RHP (HANS) has been in practice as a Clinical Herbalist since 2010, working in holistic health clinics, a family medicine office, and in private practice online. He helps people with chronic health conditions find a greater sense of ease and wellness in body and mind. Oren also teaches beginner and intermediate herbal medicine programs, empowering a new crop of home and community herbalists to be proactive about health while connecting with nature’s healers. He is co-founder and co-director of the new Maritime School of Holistic Herbalism (

Oren loves to teach and can often be found giving an herb walk, speaking at a local garden club, or even on TV where he has been featured on the show Wild Nova Scotia. He is a Registered Herbal Practitioner (RHP) with the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, where he currently sits on the board of directors. Oren care deeply about bringing this traditional wisdom to today’s world, where we need it more than ever.


HERBS on the Side

“HERBS on the Side” is an Educational Botanical Sanctuary designed to teach the curious how to identify, nurture, harvest and transform abundant local herbs into food and medicine, sustainably and ethically. Monica Giacomin, founder and garden-keeper, shares the “Wonder of Weeds” beyond her Sanctuary, promoting bio-diversity, enhanced health and an appreciation for the beauty and tenacity of the wild greens that grace our path… no matter where we may roam! Her mission is to share the joy and many benefits of tending and transforming herbs for the collective fortification of us all … our communities, the pollinators, the wild greens, and especially for our generous Mother Earth!

Spiral into HERBS on the Side Sanctuary, home to over 50 medicinal herbs, the next time you visit Montreal to enjoy some time in parasympathetic mode. Guided Herb Walks, sipping a cup of infusion, can be organized through the Contact Root at


Bloom and Grow with Camille Freeman

Bloom and Grow offers continuing education and community for practicing herbalists. Our most popular programs are the Monday Mentoring community of practice and our annual Deep Dive continuing education series. 

We’re wrapping up the 2023 Hormone Deep Dive and will be offering a Nervous System Deep Dive in 2024. Get 50% off any single class(es) in the training library through 12/31/23 using the code CHC2023.

Ireland’s Hidden Medicine:
An Exploration of Irish Indigenous Medicine from Legend and Myth to the Present Day

Ireland’s Hidden Medicine traces the path and fortunes of Irish indigenous medicine from the legendary god of medicine, Déin Chécht, to today.  Unlike the great scribal medical traditions, Ireland’s indigenous medicine is based on medical knowledge passed on orally to each succeeding generation.

This journey explores the difference in worldview between biomedicine and indigenous medicine, before it sketches the changing fortunes of this indigenous tradition from the coming of Christianity, through the law tracts and the medical manuscripts of the Middle Ages, to its demise with the fall of the old Gaelic order in the seventeenth century. From there the book examines how some knowledge could have disseminated within the wider community before exploring the factors that influenced its decline in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Irish indigenous medicine is like a diamond hidden in plain sight with its beauty present in the Irish landscape, festivals, and language.  Yet its riches are not realized and it is ignored it to the detriment of health and wellbeing.  Ireland’s Hidden Medicine is an important step in changing this. Signed copies are available on Rosari’s website, and you can also purchase from Amazon.


Kerrii is herbal dispensary software designed by herbalists for herbalists. Kerrii’s features include inventory tracking, pricing tools, measurement converter, client records, supplier records, formula archive, copy and paste labeling, printable reports, income tracking and more. With Kerrii you spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what you love. We are dedicated to working with our customers to ensure that Kerrii has the features they need to make their business successful. We aren’t just a software company, we are a business partner. 

We would also like to extend to conference goers a discount code that will allow them to subscribe to Kerrii for only $15 CDN a month. The code is CHC2022.

Ravencroft Garden

Join EagleSong Gardener at RavenCroft Garden or online at HerbWiseWomen
Where connecting people, plants and the earth with Strong Earth Medicine is a way of life…

Learning opportunities with herbalist, EagleSong Gardener in 2024

~ Herbal Apprenticeship:
Where you’ll learn plants from the ground up in the kitchen, garden and apothecary

~ LIA: 2 week Live-In Apprenticeship for women
Time to throw the books away and learn with plants and the earth?

~ 6 – Full Day Curated Herb Walks
in the Pacific Northwest

~ Saturday Herb Workshops @RavenCroft Garden
Where herbal medicine includes the kitchen, garden and apothecary

~ Seasonal Celebrations & Garden Opens…Dancing the seasonal spiral in the garden

~ HerbWiseWomen
An online community for HerbAlly curious women where you’ll learn at your own pace in your own place…

Are you adventurous, curious, filled with wonder and willing to step outside the box? I invite you to join me in life-long learning with plants and the earth…

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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor’s interest in traditional approaches to healing and herbs led him on an exploration of the European Humoral system as originally practised in Ancient Greece, and then revived in the sixteenth and seventeenth century by herbalists such as Nicholas Culpeper. It soon became clear that this system of medicine was an informative and sensitive guide in the art of returning the body back to health and he began to embrace it as his main therapeutic approach in his practice, and after many years of study, practice and teaching this approach he published “The Humoral herbal” in 2021.



Wholly Rooted Farm

Wholly Rooted Regenerative Education & Permaculture Herb Farm is a passionate advocate for sustainable living and community building. We are dedicated to sharing the transformative power of modern permaculture, regenerative herbalism, sustainable aromatherapy, social permaculture, and regenerative agriculture and principles with everyone.Whether you’re an individual seeking positive change at home or a practitioner/herbal product maker aiming to integrate these principles into your business, the journey towards preserving our wild plants and ecosystems begins with us.

Wholly Rooted Farm is a UpS Botanical Sanctuary, where we grow over 250 types of medicinal plants including at-risk species, medicinal herbs, and food, using permaculture principles. Wholly Rooted is focused on utilizing permaculture principles in real life applications that can make an impact and help us create a more regenerative future. Get your free download from The Regenerative Herbalist Garden Planner here:

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