Josh Sarvis & Kelly Dunn – Canadian Herb Conference
Josh Sarvis & Kelly Dunn

Josh Sarvis & Kelly Dunn

Cannabis Cultivators & Community Educators

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn have been cultivating pure, closed loop cannabis for almost 3 decades. They are passionate about being a clear, conscious voice for psychoactive plant medicine, as they emerges from a place of oppression. Kelly is a Plant Medicine Cultivator and Maker, Midwife and Holistic Nature Healing Practitioner. Josh is Master Natural Builder of gardens and living/work spaces, . Together, they have built a beautiful regenerative homestead with Healthy Soil Biology being the farm’s ethos. They have created Dragonfly Earth Medicine which is a business and a living community and personal construct of the true meaning of Healthy Mind, Body and Soil. The DEM Pure Certification has become a highly sought after, community driven, regenerative cultivation certification. The DEM Pure Collective has over 350 members worldwide that are experts in all facets of plant medicine. They continue to bring educators together to create international standards for regenerative cannabis and plant medicine practices. They have consult the international psychoactive plant community and the world about biological intelligence, regenerative cultivation as a consciousness and Herbalism for Plants. Josh and Kelly have been creating and building full spectrum global healing by creating several international healthcare facilities in war torn and disaster areas for women and children.

Friday, July 7th
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Tent 2

Healthy Mind, Body & Soil

Sunday, July 9th
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm