Laura Mushumanski – Canadian Herb Conference
Laura Mushumanski

Laura Mushumanski

Indigenous Health Educator

I am of Metis, Polish and Ukrainian descent, and educate about everything health from both an Indigenous worldview and a physiological perspective while utilizing my knowledge in plant medicines, nutrition, and emotional intelligence so collectively we can find the funny and humility in our mental health behaviors, emotions, feelings, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. I am a firm believer that everyone has a story, and that our stories are NOT AS important as what we do with them- implying that the process of encouraging each other, and in my case the importance of education that is seen as a responsibility to share knowledge that is conducive and humbling, can gift a person insight to their own healing journey. We can all be our own doctors and psychologists, if we start going inward by engaging with the grandfather teachings as a foundation of how we can walk in ceremony- separately together.

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