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2023 Herb Nerd Quiz

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2023 Herb Nerd Quiz

Welcome to the Canadian Herb Conference Herb Nerd Pop Quiz.
This is a fun quiz meant to challenge your knowledge of plants using a variety of hints from many types of herbalism.

(give everyone a fair chance)

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Who am I?

  • The most widely gown and consumed cactus in the world
  • Popular folk remedy for Type 2 diabetes in Mexico

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This adaptogenic root has the “scent of a horse”
Answer the Common Name

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The vulnerary properties of this plant influenced its scientific name which means “to make whole”

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This herbs species name means “side-flower”

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This plants cultivars include Kapoor and Rama

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Which dosha often has a strong digestive fire and can be prone to acid indigestion and gastrointestinal ulcers?

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Which of the following is NOT a type of alkaloid?

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Which constituent is a potent cell proliferant and anti-scarring emollient?

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This constituent has at least one aromatic ring structure carrying two or more hydroxy groups.

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Which of the following plants does NOT contain cardiac glycosides:

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Who wrote “A New Guide to Health” in 1822
Answer with the First and Last Name

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Whose great work was “ De Materia Medica

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In Ayurvedic medicine, the mala of Asthi is….

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In Ayurvedic medicine, how many dhatus are there?

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Which constituent found in echinacea, spilanthes and prickly ash causes a tingly sensation on the tongue.

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Who am I?

  • Considered a heart herb but also a useful nervine
  • Can be helpful for those with ADHD
  • A long history of use in Arabic medicine

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In TCM, disturbances of the Shen cause:

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Who am I?

  • A possible adaptogen
  • Has 3 cultivars, red, black and yellow
  • Native to the high Andes mountains

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Who am I?

  • Also known in Europe as lime flower
  • The flower and bract are used medicinally
  • Has nervine, mild antidepressant and blood-pressure lowering effects

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Notable Herbalist Ella Birzneck was born in which country?

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This antitussive herb is also known as coughwort, horsehoof and foals foot.

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Which of the following is NOT a uterine astringent?

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What herbal action is defined as “herbs that facilitate or accelerate the removal of bronchial secretions from the bronchi and trachea”?

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Pungent taste is made up of which elements?

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In Ayurvedic medicine hot infusions are known as:

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What plant family has the following features: 5 sepals and 5 petals with usually numerous stamens. Oval, serrated leaves?

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What plant family has the following features: Flowers with parts in threes. Sepals and petals usually identical?

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What plant family has the following features: Compound umbels. Usually hollow flower stalks?

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What plant family has the following features: 4 petals and 6 stamens--4 tall and 2 short?

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This herb is most often used as a standardized extract and used medicinally to help improve memory and concentration.

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In TCM theory,  which organ is the origin of fluids?

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Who wrote this quote “I have not borrowed from Hippocrates or Galen or anyone else, having acquired my knowledge from the best teacher, that is, by experience and hard work.”?

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Which prominent herbalist founded United Plant Savers?

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Who founded the American Herbalist Guild, an organization whose goal is to establish standards for the professional practice of clinical herbal medicine in the United States?

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According to TCM theory, in Winter we should:

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Which of the following herbs does NOT posses a sweet taste?

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Who described the four temperaments as determined by a balance of the qualities of hot, cold, moist, and dry?

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In Ayurvedic medicine, Which Veda contains the treatment of disease and application of specific plants as medicine?

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In Ayurvedic medicine, Another name for Ama is?

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According to TCM,  A person who wakes at 2:30am may be experiencing an imbalance in which meridian?

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Lobelia inflata and Viburnum opulus are example of herbs with which taste?

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