Alpine Herb Walk (Monday Jun 24)


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Alpine Herb Walk

This walk will take place in the high elevation forest of Strathcona Provincial park. This 250,000-hectare wilderness area is the oldest provincial park in BC. To get there will require 30 minutes driving time each way.

Led by experienced local herbalists we will be walking a little over 2 miles in total, mostly on a boardwalk with easy terrain.

The walk will cover many plants that only occur at these higher elevations such as Sitka Valerian (Valeriana sitchensis), Sweet Root or Western Sweet Cicely (Osmorrhiza occidentalis), Veratrum viride (Green Hellebore), Saxifrages (Saxifraga spp.) as well as some plants familiar to lower elevations such as Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium), Elder (Sambucus spp) and wild blueberries

Identify by sight several new plants
Know the uses of those plants, whether for food, medicine or other technology
Know how to properly harvest and prepare the plants for use.

All proceeds from the Alpine Herb Walk will be donated to the Strathcona Wilderness Institute.

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Morning: 9 am – Noon, Afternoon: 1-4pm