Ukrainian Folk Healing & Ways to Support the Ukraine

With what’s happening to our sisters and brothers in Ukraine right now, we know many of you are looking for ways to support and help.

Here at the Canadian Herb Conference, we decided to make the workshop “Ukrainian Folk Healing: Connecting With Ancestral Slavic Medicine Traditions” publicly available. We do this in a show of solidarity and as a way to support the people of Ukraine, as well as highlighting the work of strong Ukrainian women today as well as in the Ukrainian Blocs in Canada (part of Turtle Island).

Originally created and broadcast at the 2020 conference, in this 20 minute workshop herbalist Dionne Jennings shares a brief introduction to Ukrainian Folk Healing practices. This workshop introduces and outlines healing approaches historically used in Ukrainian folk healing–that which was originally practiced in Ukraine (and still is in some areas–in fact, use of herbs is still very widespread in Ukraine), as well as how those who emigrated from Ukraine to Canada brought these practices and traditions to their new homes.

If you are looking for reputable organizations to donate to to support the people of Ukraine, Dionne has compiled a list for you at the bottom of the post–ways to send supplies, donate money, or volunteer your time. Scroll down to find out how you can help.

How to Support Ukraine

If you feel called to help the people in Ukraine, here are the reputable places you can support with your time, talent, or treasure.

On-line Donations

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has started a Humanitarian Appeal Fund. They are working directly with Ukrainian Government Ministries who advise about the needs on the ground in order to ensure that the donations meet the needs of the Ukrainian people. They also have an extensive and vetted list of other organizations (both Canadian and Ukrainian) to donate to here.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council also has a list of 2 more legitimate registered charities to make donations to here, as well as providing trusted media and independent news sources for updates on Ukraine.

Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural & Heritage Centre in Winnipeg has also created a list of places to donate, while also providing trusted media and independent news sources for updates on Ukraine.

The Canadian Red Cross. The Canadian government has pledged to match donations dollar for dollar up to 10 million CAD–and they’ve reached that threshold. Donations however, are still being accepted and appreciated.

In Person Donations/Supply Drives

There are drives to donate supplies that are being sent directly to Ukraine in many cities across North America. As many vital supplies–particularly medical and first aid supplies (as well as formula and diapers)– are running low in Ukraine (and even in Eastern Poland), many volunteers are working to ship what they need most to Ukraine (or to Poland or Romania, to then cross the border into Ukraine).

Here are some organizations we know of currently collecting physical supplies:

Edmonton, AB“Fill a Plane for Ukraine” campaign. The Alberta Chapter of the Ukrainian Canadian Council is accepting supplies and drop offs in person. Address: 11260 184 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5S 2S6      Ph: +17808875387.   Hours: 9am-9pm.

You can see what’s needed on the Medical Supply List here.

Winnipeg, MB: Winnipeg is accepting donations of medical supplies of all kinds, formula, diapers and baby food for citizens and for the Territorial Defense–aka the civilians who are staying in their country to support and defend Ukraine. The full list of needed supplies can be found here.

Drop off times: Monday, March 7 (between 4pm-8 pm).  Address: 935 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB (likely they will be accepting weekly donations–stay tuned to FB for updates).

Saskatoon, SK: Streams of Hopes Aid for Ukraine. You can find drop off times for March 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th as well as the list of supplies needed here. Address: 3403 Faithfull Avenue, Saskatoon, SK.

Vaughan, ON: 111 Staffern Dr., Vaughan, ON, Canada, L4K 2R2.    Delivery deadline: Thursday, March 4.

If you physically want to support with donating supplies and don’t have a drop off point in your town or city, you can fill a box and ship it to various addresses in the States (Illinois & New Jersey) and in Vaughan Ontario, & Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.

You can find the addresses of those accepting boxes filled with supplies to be forwarded to Ukraine here, with more warehouses being organized and added shortly, so stay tuned.

Local Volunteer Opportunities & Other Ways to Support

If you have the desire and ability to offer your hands and your time instead of a monetary donation, all of the above groups need person power to ship, pack, sort and load all donations–visit the links above to sign up.

You can also find a local Ukrainian organization in your city or on Facebook (there are many groups such as I am Ukrainian) or We are Ukrainian 2.0) where community members will share opportunities and fundraisers–via cookie sales, concerts (in person and online) and other events that will be donating proceeds to Ukraine.