Work Trade Application – Canadian Herb Conference

Work Trade Application Form

The Kootenay Herb Gathering Work Trade program is designed to offer folks a way to engage with the conference for a reduced ticket price in exchange for their assistance with various gathering related tasks. 

Work Trade Applicants are required to complete 10 hours of work trade in their designated assignment between Wednesday July 5 and Monday July 10, 2023 in exchange for a ticket price of $127 plus GST. 

It is mandatory that Work Trader Applicants be available during the hours of the conference (Friday July 7 – Sunday July 9, 2023) as most of the tasks take place during this time period.  Set-up tasks will be completed on Wednesday July 5 & Thursday July 6 before the conference opens, and take down tasks will be completed on Monday July 10.

The process for the Work Trade Program is as follows:

1. Work Trader fills out application form on this page.
2. The Gathering Committee aims to responds to applications  via e-mail.
3. If the application is successful, the Work Trader will be provided with a link to register for the Work Trade Pass and assigned to a designated area.
4. We meet via Zoom prior to the Gathering to go through duties, expectations & shifts.

    What will you skills could you contribute to the Kootenay Herb Gathering (eg. Food Safe and food service experience, First Aid, Serve It Right, Child Care Experience, carpentry, electrical, security, etc)

    Have you attended the Kootenay or Vancouver Island Herb Gathering in previous years?

    Have you done work trading with us in previous years?

    Can you agree to the terms of the work trading to include 10 hours of work?

    What are your TOP THREE work trade areas you'd like to do?

    What dates will you be available to work trade on?

    Anything else you want to tell us about yourself or how you can help?