Chronic Lyme Disease – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

Chronic Lyme Disease

In the past 15 years I accompanied in my herbal practice many patients with chronic Lyme disease. Most of them had different co-infections, heavy metal and/or mycotoxin intoxication. Helping them on a slow but steady recovery has helped me understand how much the human body needs support, in chronic disease, to heal itself; and why the “antibacterial war obsession” is not necessarily the right and only path.

In this short conference, I wish to share this experience and my view of 3 of my favourite medicinal plants to best help those living with chronic Lyme : ashwagandha, nettle and Japanese knotweed.

3 key objectives:

  • Understand why and know how to minimize herx,
  • support adrenals and immunity, lower chronic inflammation associated with the disease,
  • address bacterial infection and when.
  • Date :