2022 CHC 75 minute pre-record

Committing to place to connect with the future. Blackfoot land-based herbal education and revitalisation

The video interview will take you on a tour to the ancestral Siksikaiksahko, the homelands of the Blackfoot people, where Api’soomaahka works to protect the land, honours Blackfoot spirits and tradition, and encourages people to think (differently) about their relationships with other beings and their environment. Caretaking of the land in the sense Api’soomaahka understands, includes the caretaking of his people, whom he hopes to heal from colonial trauma and disassociation through the teaching about traditional Blackfoot plants as food and medicine.

Today, Api’soomaahka will share some of his extensive knowledge regarding select Blackfoot plants with you. He will take you to Naapi’s Garden, introduce his Katoyiss seed bank and talk about greater community efforts to revitalize traditional land and health management practices.
Some of the stories and Blackfoot language items will be made available via handout you can download or print out.

3 learning objectives:

  • Understand the meaning and importance of re-connecting and caring for the land in the Blackfoot sense
  • Get to know a select number of traditional Blackfoot plants and learn some of their uses
  • Consider how in your work and personal life you can give back to your local communities by protecting the environment, co-liberating and shifting paradigms, and amplifying/ supporting Indigenous voices/ efforts in the lands you now call home.