Culinary Alchemy – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Culinary Alchemy

Introduction to Superfoods & Culinary Herbs. We will define superfoods & culinary herbs, discuss their nutritional benefits, & healing properties. Explore the concept of using food as medicine for holistic wellness & beauty.

Harnessing the Power of Adaptogens: Explanation of adaptogens & their role in supporting the body’s tree response. Identification of popular adaptogenic herbs & their health benefits. Demonstration of incorporating adaptogens into recipes for health & vitality.

The Beauty of Raw Foods: Introduction into raw foods & their impact on health & beauty. Discussion on the benefits of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds. Hands on preparation of a raw food dish that highlights the nutritional potency & enzymatic benefits.

Cooking with Culinary Herbs for Flavor & Wellness: Exploration of culinary herbs & their flavour profiles. Explanation of the medicinal properties of common culinary herbs. Cooking demonstration featuring a recipe that showcases some local herbs.

Alkaline Ingredients for Radiant Health: Overview of alkaline foods & their role in balancing pH levels in the body. Discussion of the health benefits of incorporating alkaline ingredients into the diet. Preparation of an alkaline rich dish that promotes detoxification, cellular regeneration & glowing skin.

Culinary Alchemy for Health, Wellness & Beauty: Integration of all elements learned throughout the workshop into a holistic approach to cooking for health, wellness & beauty.

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