Deep Earth Relationships: Soil and Plant Health – Canadian Herb Conference
2022 CHC 75 minute live

Deep Earth Relationships: Soil and Plant Health

To understand plants deeply, we must explore the ecological network that plants exist within. In this session we will explore soil and gain understanding of how the soil-food-web interacts with plants. Learn about the living and non-living components that make up this complex ecological community upon which we are all dependent. We will discuss the components and structure of healthy soil and how to assess local conditions to ensure plants thrive in their place. We will also consider how plants, including herbs and “weeds” impact soil health and how we can apply practices and principles, such as creating permaculture guilds, to restore and build our soil. This session dives deep into the earth and challenges us to make connections from the philosophy of systems theory to the practical nitty gritty of composting.

3 learning objectives:

  • Learn how to assess soil health
  • Learn how plants and soil influence each other
  • Learn how to amend soil and steward a garden from an ecological perspective
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