Dermatology – Cream, Toner & Oil Cleanser – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Dermatology – Cream, Toner & Oil Cleanser

This hands-on workshop will cover all things skin and natural ingredients to support skin health covering the deeper issues with skin as we age such as collagen production, hydration, and how to lock in hydration. We will discuss various oils to support emollient/moisturizing action and humectants to support hydration. Discussion regarding various skin types and different needs to support healthy skin. In this workshop, Krista Dawn Poulton will demonstrate how to make creams from scratch, toners and oil cleansers! Never buy expensive skin care products again when you can make much higher quality products for less!

We will be making a Rose Cream, Neroli toner & Pink Clay Oil Cleanser:
~ Pink Clay Oil Cleanser ~ this beautiful oil cleanser can be used as a cleanser, mask & exfoliator.
~ Neroli Toner ~ to prepare the skin to maximize nutrient absorption. ­­
~ Rose Cream ~ packed full of nutrients to address your unique skin such as Rose hydrosol for the aging skin, jojoba oil to moisturize, castor oil to hydrate, carrot seed oil & rosehip seed oil to support tissue strength minimizing age spots, wrinkles. Preserved with Phytocide Aspen (natural preservative) that will allow this beautiful cream to be shelf-stable for 2 years.

To learn the unique skin care needs and how to address them
The skin care routine – what is essential and what is not!
The actions/benefits of our various skin care ingredients (emollients, humectants, specialty ingredients)