Growing Chinese Herbs: Daodi Practices – Canadian Herb Conference
2022 CHC 75 minute pre-record

Growing Chinese Herbs: Daodi Practices

This class is for anyone interested in growing Chinese herbs. The introduction will allow gardeners and farmers alike to understand the basic concepts of growing Chinese herbs while gaining practical information for cultivating 4 major species used in Chinese medicine.

Introduction to the concept to “daodi” (道地)
1. Place
2. Genetics
3. Human interaction

Aspects of “place” and what is needed
1. Soil type
2. Moisture
3. Temperature
4. Elevation

Unpacking genetics and human interaction
1. How specific genetics formed
2. Human impact on genetics
3. Human impact on finished herb

Case Studies

Angelica sinensis
Astragalus mongolicus
Bupleurum chinensis
Atractylodes macrocephela

3 learning objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of “daodi”
  • Assess their own land based on “daodi” principles
  • Understand the basics of how to grow 4 main herbs used in Chinese medicine