Hatha Yoga – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga has thousands of postures, and as many individual variations as there are people to practice them!  Come to enjoy a creative and unique sequence of postures that is accessible to all levels, full of laughter, body positive language, and group connection. Practice at a slow pace and add intensity as you’re able. You will gain strength and stamina and at the same time find a deep state of peace and relaxation.
Founder of Unity Yoga (UnityYoga.ca) and originally from Vancouver, BC, Susan is a devoted yoga practitioner who works as a clinical herbalist, bodyworker, and astrologer.  She has a passion for building community, and teaches yoga as a foundation for healthy and holistic living. Her background includes training in Ashtanga and Anusara (Iyengar) traditions, as well as Acroyoga and Thai Massage, combined with over a decade of hands-on teaching experience. Sharing the gifts of silent meditation and reflection is always an integral part of her offerings.  She believes in the natural wisdom that arrives when the mind is quiet and the body is still, and sees this as the root of wellbeing.
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