Interview with a Couple o’ Herb Farmers – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

Interview with a Couple o’ Herb Farmers

Join organic Herb Farmers Dane and Störii for a Q & A Session, as they answer questions submitted by their community/social media followers/email subscribers!
They will be exploring inquiries about all thing’s agriculture/herbal medicine growing such as:
Realities vs Expectations of Medicinal Herb Growing
The Herbal Farm Market
Small-Scale Agriculture/Biodynamic Growing
How to get started in herbal medicine growing
Biggest obstacles, challenges & more!

Störii and Dane have a shared passion for Agriculture. Through Science & Magic they practice biodynamic growing principles on their 9-acre farm, Wild Folk Herbs & Farm on Salt Spring Island. They love to inspire those around them to get to know their medicines, from seed to soil to harvest to bottle

3 learning objectives:

  • Will know some of the challenges herb farmers face
  • Tips on how to get started on your own herb growing venture
  • How to identify Market niche’s & agricutlural realities vs romanticism