Intro to Spagyric Tincture Making – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2023 CHC

Intro to Spagyric Tincture Making

All tinctures are not created alike. Most herbal tinctures are made by soaking plant material in alcohol and letting it sit for a few weeks before straining. The alcohol extracts many of the medicinal compounds into the liquid. The resulting liquid is the tincture, and the leftover plant material is disposed of. Spagyric tinctures go through an extra step in processing and use the leftover plant material to extract and incorporate the mineral aspects of the plant into the tincture. When these two components are recombined, chemical reactions are produced which potentiate the medicinal compounds and create a more potent and holistic medicine.

Spagyrics is the practice of creating herbal medicines based on alchemical philosophy. With roots dating back thousands of years, practical alchemy is re-emerging as a valuable system of crafting potent, holistic medicinals.

In this introductory lesson we will explore the steps to making a simple spagyric herbal tincture.

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