Like Bile in Your Throat: The Acrid Materia Medica – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Like Bile in Your Throat: The Acrid Materia Medica

The acrid taste is not commonly considered a “primary” taste amongst herbal traditions, but is so distinct that it likely should. Somewhere between bitter, sour, and the taste of bile in the back of the throat, the acrid plants hold highly unique medicinal properties that are important to understand, particularly in how they fit into an overall energetic scheme of plant classification based on tastes. This is because they are not necessarily specifically operating on tissue temperature or moisture, but rather tissue tone.

This class will be an experiential exploration of the properties of the acrid materia medica, including their associated chemistry, primary organ, system and tissue affinities, medicinal actions, and energetics. We will also cover important contraindications, common uses, and some key materia medica differentials, sub-dividing this category in a way that’s clinically applicable and specific. We’ll taste a wide variety of acrid plants to get a sense for this unique taste and experience their profound and noticeable effects on the body and mind.

Recognize the acrid taste in herbal preparations or raw herbs
Understand the primary energetic quality, herbal actions, and affinities of acrid plants
Have key differentials for when to apply specific acrid plants to the correct organ, system or tissue

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