Mercury, Samhain and Valerian – Canadian Herb Conference
2020 workshops

Mercury, Samhain and Valerian

Mercury, Samhain and Valerian

20 minutes  

This a spell binding story about the medicine Mercury brings to Valerian.  It is a journey to a dark and cold night when veil between the worlds is parted, wisdom gathered and souls are put to rest. This story of European Ancestor Medicine weaves the ancient magic of the earth and stars with contemporary scientific understanding of plant medicine. It is a little eerie, be ready to travel beyond belief. 

learning objectives

  1. For those with European ancestors to drink deeply of the knowledge from their ancestors.
  2. Broaden one’s understanding of Valerian’s medicine and how to use it well. 
  3. Decolonize the European mind.
  • Date : November 5, 2020 - November 9, 2020
  • Time : 1:01 pm - 1:01 pm