Natural Dyes from Plants – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

Natural Dyes from Plants

This workshop will bring the tradition of natural dyeing to the viewer in a step by step process that will include mordanting the fibre for colour fastness to various natural dye baths that can be harvested from the garden, the wild or from the kitchen. View samples of various dyed fibres and how certain plant dyes and their components affect these fibres differently. Learn the difference between cellulose fibres and protein fibres and their specific needs in the dyeing and mordanting stages (and how that may or may not alter the colour). Participants will learn about after care, toxic versus non-toxic mordants and which herbal dyes do not require a mordant at all.

3 learning objectives:

  • How to increase colour fastness with the use of mordants
  • Which herbs and plant parts make good natural dyes
  • Which dye plants do not require a mordant
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