Principles and Practices of Wild Harvesting – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Principles and Practices of Wild Harvesting

Explore the forested environment adjacent to Innisfree farm, discovering wild plants and discussing their medicinal uses. This herb walk will have a strong focus on how to approach wild plant communities with respect, and how to build healthy relationships with your local plants and ecosystem. We will discuss some guiding principles to keep in mind when working with wild plants, as well as getting into specifics of harvesting practice and timing. This includes considerations such as the relative abundance and sustainability of the plant, the portion of the plant used, seasonal cycles and harvest times, and methods of collecting to minimize impact and support the health, vitality and reproduction of wild plants. The goal of this herb walk is see beyond wild plants as a resource for humans to extract, by promoting deeper understanding and connection with wild plants, honouring them as living sentient beings that are an integral part of the larger ecosystem.

1. Learn how to observe, build relationship and deepen connection with wild plant communities
2. Understand factors influencing the sustainability of harvest, including plant portion and harvest time, relative abundance and regeneration cycles
3. Learn specific harvesting techniques that help to minimize harvesting impact, and/or support the long term health and vitality of wild plant populations

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