Principles of Propagation & Exponential Growth! – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 CHC 75 minute pre-record

Principles of Propagation & Exponential Growth!

For the curious gardener and green thumb alike; join Dane and Storii for an exciting deep dive into the principles of plant propagation!

Follow us through our gardens here at the Wild Folk Herb Farm as we share how to successfully divide plants to cultivate exponential growth. With a focus on plant anatomy/ physiology, cell biology, intuition & magic, this workshop will consist of in-the-field explorations with many different medicinal plants, interspersed with engaging slides and lecture style instruction.

We will be showing you just how plants grow, and once you know, the potential is limitless! After this workshop, you will feel confident to propagate any plant, whether it be through roots, rhizomes, crown divisions or cuttings.