Scotch Broom Making – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Demonstrations

Scotch Broom Making

Work with this plant and create your own decorative broom. Co-presented with the Central Kooteny Invasive Species Society (CKISS) who will ethically harvest the broom for this workshop and share their experiences and how they monitor, manages many terrestrial, riparian and aquatic invasive species.


  • Learn the history of Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) and how it has impacted the environment, the becomingĀ and how we as Herbalists have a social responsibility to be a champion of change.
  • Plant identification, cautions when harvesting as well as environmentally responsible disposal .
  • Practical knowledge that we as Herbalists and plant persons, can take back to our own practices and communities to spread awareness and make more informed and environmentally minded plant purchases and practices.
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