Stick Our Your Tongue, Let Me Feel Your Pulse – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Workshops

Stick Our Your Tongue, Let Me Feel Your Pulse

It’s time to stick out your tongue. Traditional herbalist from all over the world have examined tongues to understand the state of their patients’ health. And after examining the tongue, herbalist pulse for a moment to feel their patient’s pulse. During this workshop we will stick out our tongue to see what they say about the health of our body/mind. Then we will feel for the pulse of life. This is a hands on workshop. Be ready to say ahhh and then listen deeply to another’s pulse.


  • Demystify the art of reading tongues and feeling pulses
  • Learn some simple techniques to read tongues and feel pulses
  • Discover just a few ways our body/minds reveal their state of health
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