Sustainable Organic Natural Soul Perfumery Workshop – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Sustainable Organic Natural Soul Perfumery Workshop

Gabriel Mojay, author of ‘Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit’, shares with participants a intimately and immanently practical, deeply sensory way of working with essential oils and the dynamics of their fragrance energetics ~ in tandem with formulating one’s own simple Natural Soul Perfume. All oils and blending equipment are provided by Gabriel.

Natural Perfumery relies on sustainably-produced aromatic oils of organic or ethically wild-crafted origin, and interprets their age-old ethnobotanical and numinous symbolism as well as their fragrance energetics in a way that allows hand-crafted fragrance materials to invoke, support and harmonize dimensions of one’s very soul or spirit ~ those parts of us we are dedicated to healing, deepening or more potently realizing.

Here is a list of the key aromatics/essential oils/natural extracts I will have with for us to work with, and really quite euphorically, if serenely ~ and for us to find our own unique inner illumination, singular to us and therefore reverberant with the endless Universe.

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