20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

Tasty Tisanes: Blending infusions for pleasure and delight

Have you ever blended a tea only to find out that although it’s all the right herbs you want to use, it tastes gross or people don’t want to drink it? Let’s review of the foundations of blending delicious herbal teas and tisanes so that our formulas not only taste delicious, but have the right therapeutic effect too. Learn simple ways to create delicious blends that will help people enjoy a perfect cup of herbal tea and make plant-based drinks their drink of choice. Tea drinkers unite!

3 learning objectives:

  • Foundational herbs for tasty tea
  • Formulation of teas to enhance palatability, colour, and effect – the Do’s and the Don’ts
  • Simple ways to encourage people to make it, steep it, and drink it!
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