The Magic of Lemon Balm – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

The Magic of Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm deserves a place in everyone’s garden, windowsill planter box, and pantry! Safe, easy to grow, delicious, and useful in such a wide variety of ways, it’s no wonder this herb has held such high esteem for thousands of years. In this talk, we’ll explore Lemon Balm’s botany, some fascinating history, and its many therapeutic uses, including how I use it currently in my clinical practice. From lifting our spirits, to calming anxiety, soothing digestion, healing viral infections, improving cognition, and more, come learn why you want this wonderful plant ally in your life.

3 learning objectives:

  • Identify and grow Lemon Balm
  • Know the basics of using it therapeutically, including dosing, preparations, and culinary recipes
  • Be genuinely excited about bringing Lemon Balm into their lives!
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