The Witching Herbs: Alkaloid-rich psychotropic plants – Canadian Herb Conference
2021 workshops

The Witching Herbs: Alkaloid-rich psychotropic plants

The Witching Herbs: Alkaloid-rich psychotropic plants 

75 minutes  

Wise women, apothecaries, witches, herbalists, we who cultivate plants for their magic and medicine often have a special space dedicated to ‘the poisons’. A talk dedicated to some of the power plants and holding a special place in our hearts, minds and gardens.

Here we have a few hints, ideas and tips to share with you about our own favourite plants in the witch’s garden. Getting acquainted with all plants is one of the most powerful acts of magic you can perform. You enter the world of intuitive communication. All herbs hold medicinal gifts and all plants are teachers. Some of our floral family shout louder to us humans, exerting stronger physical effects. These have a greater ability to transport us to other realms and to open pathways both ancient and new. Growing and planting out herbs is a sacred form of creativity. A spell can be cast with each seed germinated, an intention to draw peace and health to our planet.

  • Date : November 7, 2021
  • Time : 11:45 am - 12:05 pm (America/Vancouver)