Two Eyes Seeing – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Workshops

Two Eyes Seeing

Iridology is the science & art of working on the reflexes of the eyes which tell you for conditions – acute, subacute, chronic and degenerate. Clients come to see iridologists with health conditions that we can verify and we encompass herbal remedies to assist the body to heal. There are 2 true colours of eyes – one is brown and one is blue. The only person who had purple eyes was Liz Taylor, and albino have pink eyes. The dark brown eye is the hardest one to read. As herbalists, we can use iridology to assist while coming with a protocol or health plan to assist with the body to heal.


  • Learn more about how to practice iridology & how to include it within a herbal practice
  • Resources to study & ways to practice further on iridology
  • Become better practitioners with more tools in their toolbox
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