Using Permaculture Principles to Design Your Regenerative Herb Garden – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 CHC 75 minute pre-record

Using Permaculture Principles to Design Your Regenerative Herb Garden

Are you an herbalist or plant medicine enthusiast who dreams of designing your own garden that will feed and care for your family or business? Want to know how to grow your own medicinal and food plants? Join Denise and learn how to use regenerative permaculture practices to create your own sustainable medicinal garden. Denise will share tips on how to organize and design guilds and polycultures of medicinal annuals and perennials, and use systems design to create functional plans in your space that provide you with an abundance of food and medicine.

In this presentation you will learn:
-What permaculture is, and how it can be utilized in herbalism
-What the 12 principles of permaculture are
-What guilds and polycultures are
-How to select and place medicinal plants in your space
-How medicine forests can be planted to reduce water use, build your soil, and provide you with your own medicinal crops
-How to Use medicinal plants to support a healthy garden ecosystem

Creating sustainable, regenerative, and self-sufficient systems that allow us to grow our own medicine, support pollinators, and create a healthy garden habitats is so important. Learn how to take steps to produce more of your own medicine.

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