When the World Wearies and Ceases to Satisfy …There is Always the Garden! – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

When the World Wearies and Ceases to Satisfy …There is Always the Garden!

Innisfree Farm is a template for an approach to health care and community well being that brings people, plants and the earth together. Join EagleSong, a lifelong gardener, on an inspiring walk through this internationally registered Botanical Garden.

You’ll meet plants from around the world with a multitude of uses. You’ll find magic and mystery, folklore and medicine and many, many stories. Let’s get out and meet plants for food, remedy, fragrance and beauty using your senses. Even weeds find purpose in a garden such as this!

Here, you’ll also find the concept of horticultural therapy in action. People need gardens as much as gardens need people. In a garden, a beautiful and intimate reciprocity develops between people, plants and place. Dancing with the elements grounds and nourishes at a deep level.

With EagleSong’s wit and kitchen table wisdom an adventurous walk in the garden becomes a delightful way to learn. See you there…

Participants will be invited to use their senses to learn the plants
Participants will begin to see garden as a dynamic community
Participants will be inspired to try gardening or use new information to expand existing gardens and bring more plants into their life