Wholistic Medicine: The Path of Relationships – Canadian Herb Conference
2023 KHC Workshops

Wholistic Medicine: The Path of Relationships

Let’s go back. Way back in time. There was water. It was deep and vast. The water churned over the Earth. In the water there was life – single cell beings called microbes. Fast forward 800 million years ago and the first animals appeared deep in the waters. It was another 300 million before plants appeared. Today microbes, animals and plants mingle in a complex web of relationships that promote life, maintain life and destroy life.

During this workshop, Abrah will share her experience of plants a mediators between microbes and the human beings. She will take you on a microscopic journey of your cells and explore how plants protect your life and help to keep your biome in balance. Abrah will defy contemporary reductionistic understandings of infection while suggesting new ways of seeking harmony between microbes and your body with plants.


  • Open to a new understanding of the relationship between plants, microbes and the human being
  • Explore how plants help the biome of the body stay in balance
  • Learn to think outside of the reductionistic box when seeing clients with chronic infections
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