Yarrow – a common herb with uncommon magic and medicine – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2023 CHC

Yarrow – a common herb with uncommon magic and medicine

Yarrow, an abundant weed who flowers long into the colder months, is a super protective and healing herb. The plant is under the domain of the planet Venus. A planet that represents balance – or herbs that promote balance and harmony in the body. Any supportive tonic for the system as a whole. Yarrow has the physical properties of being opening, a circulatory, protective, an anti-infective, cleansing for the blood, and a harmoniser for other herbs within a combination. The spiritual and emotional properties are reflected in this, equally as supportive and well rounded.

Achilles, after whom yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is named, carried yarrow onto the battle field with him to heal wounds, with the herb’s anti-microbial gifts. The great warrior had one weakness – his heel! And each of us humans have our own kryptonite, something that has the power to break us. This doesn’t have to be a physical weakness, it can run deep. Yarrow herb can help us gain insights into our own weaknesses, our Achilles’ heel, and help us to understand ourselves better whilst reminding us to protect ourselves especially our vulnerable places so that they can become stronger.

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