Ukrainian Folk Healing: Connecting with Ancestral Slavic Medicine Traditions

Intro to Ukrainian Folk Healing: Connecting with Ancestral Slavic Medicine Traditions

20 minutes  

Moonshine, lead, beeswax and holy water—what does this have to do with herbal medicine? 

Herbalism—and—healing as we know it today looked a little differently as practised in the “Old Country”. Let’s explore an introduction to Ukrainian folk healing practices-from divination, clearing curses, protection from the evil eye, to healing plants, and more.

  1. Learn some of the healing customs and traditions from your cultural background (with a focus on Western Ukrainian practices), but whether Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldovan, Austro-Hungarian, Polish, Russian—Wax pouring, Bone setting, Whispering, Divination and more)

  2. Get an introduction to healing practices brought over from Western Ukraine to Canada during the first wave of immigration (1891-1914), and how they were continued and practised here in an era without socialized medicine, public health or doctors

  3. We touch on some pre-christian/pagan traditions and influences in Ukrainian folk medicine, rituals & religion”

  • Date : 05/11/2020-09/11/2020
  • Time : 01:01 PM-01:01 PM


Malcolm Saunders

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