Betty Norton

Master Herbalist

I was introduced into the world of herbs when I was 18 years old and a wonderful course crossed my path. I was taught many aspects of herbology but one of the greatest impacts was being taught by First Nations Elders about local plants and herbs that provide healing and nutrition. I started practicing herbalism and learned that I could provide remedies and find healing properties from the immediate world around me. This was what motivated me to not only provide for my own family but to be able to pass along my gained knowledge to others. I love being able to help my family and herbs empower me to take care of their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Through my course, which I have been teaching for the last 14 years, I help people to understand how the world of herbs works and that medicine can be created from that which we find in nature. It is very important to me that people are empowered by nature and the world around us. Venturing in to the world of healing has inspired me to learn about nutrition which has opened up the avenue to teach a youth program every summer. I am continually inspired by all of my students and the circle of learning continues not only from myself to them but from them to me.