Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

MSc(Herbal Medicine), BSc(Botany)

Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed is an herbalist, botanist, and educator based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary), Alberta, Treaty 7 Territory. She runs a sliding-scale herbal medicine practice and works to reconnect people to nature to create well-being in individuals and communities. Her educational practice focuses on plant identification, cultivation, ethical harvesting, seed collection, and edible and medicinal usage of wild plants. She is co-owner of ALCLA Native Plants, a native plant nursery that supplies nearly 200 species of native plants and seeds.

She is a former faculty member of Phytotherapy at Pacific Rim College of Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living in Victoria, BC, where she taught botany and horticulture, nutrition of wild plants and herbal therapeutics. She is qualified with an MSc in Herbal Medicine from London, UK and a BSc in Botany from the University of Calgary.


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