Sean Donahue


Sean Donahue is a traditional herbalist, poet, and witch. He teaches western herbal energetics at Pacific Rim College in Victoria. . While he has been blessed to receive amazing support and guidance from other herbalists, Sean’s primary teachers have been the wild and feral plants growing in the forests, fields, and swamps around him. As a practitioner he looks to plants as allies in helping people remember their own beauty, strength and power and in guiding them to health. As a teacher, he encourages students to build their own deep, personal relationship with the plants around them grounded in the experience of their own senses and their own hearts For Sean, magic, medicine, and poetry are all expressions of a deep connection to the living Earth, and personal, cultural, and ecological healing are inextricably linked. He is currently working on his first book, The Green Wand: Plants as Magical Allies.