Tony Oakworth

RHT, Dip.Phyt

Tony has been on a journey of healing and self-discovery for 20 plus years. In 2011, he began studying herbal medicine, earning a diploma in Phytotherapy from Pacific Rim College (PRC). After graduation, he worked in the supplement industry followed by a supervisor postion at PRC’s herbal dispensary. From there he began his teaching career, offering a writing course, a medicinal mushroom Materia Medica, a nutrition course on food toxicity, Herbal Therapeutics in the Community Herbalist program, teaching clinics and several medicinal mushroom weekend workshops in the Phytotherapy, Nutrition, and Permaculture programs.

His passion for people, plants and fungi and their interrelationships keeps him buzzing with questions to be answered and understood. He LOVES to engage in meaningful dialogue and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. From plants and fungi to his personal healing journey, Tony energetically delivers engaging and accessible content.


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Physician Heal Thyself