FERMENTATION Through the SEASONS: A Focus on Cold Weather Fermenting – Canadian Herb Conference
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FERMENTATION Through the SEASONS: A Focus on Cold Weather Fermenting

FERMENTATION through the SEASONS: A focus on cold weather fermenting.

20 minutes  

The benefits of including Fermented Foods in the diet has widely been documented and reported. What not too long ago was an almost lost culinary art in the modern kitchen has now become a mainstay for most. Eating seasonally has also gained popularity, taking time to consider what grows around us, what the weather is doing and the unique characteristics of the current season helps us connect to the organic rhythm of nature that deeply nourishes us. It’s not so different when we consider our fermenting projects. It makes great sense to consume cooler fermented beverages and foods in the hot months of summer to help regulate our body temp and quench our thirst. When the season changes and the dampness and colder weather returns it’s important to adapt to this change and adjust the way in which we include ferments.  Join Colleen as she demonstrates how to create a Bug, an excellent cold weather ferment that can be created from a variety of fresh roots, including ginger, turmeric, elecampane and more. Watch as she shows a new twist on Fire Cider and Golden Milk.  Preparing a Bug is a simple, inexpensive way to include a spicy, warming addition to our beverages in the fall.
  • Date : November 5, 2020 - November 9, 2020
  • Time : 1:01 pm - 1:01 pm