Herbal Analogs: Hypothesis & Empirical Application – Canadian Herb Conference
2022 CHC 75-minute pre-record

Herbal Analogs: Hypothesis & Empirical Application

Herbalists in this time are faced with the growing reality that certain treasured and well-loved herbs have become increasingly more difficult to source. Climate change, loss of habitat and over harvesting have made direct impacts on access for certain plant medicines that once were more available and abundant.

Ethical practice with herbal medicine demands that more emphasis is placed on finding appropriate and meaningful analogs to replace the herbs that are more problematic to source.

At times this means swapping a herb with another, but more often it involves finding a combination of readily available and easy to source herbs that can come together to replace a herb that is threatened and difficult to source.

Join Colleen Emery as she shares several analogs that she has begun to work with in her clinical practice to substitute herbs that are difficult to source, threatened by habitat loss and affected by climate change.

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