Herbs for Epidemics – Canadian Herb Conference
2020 workshops

Herbs for Epidemics

Herbs for Epidemics

75 minutes  

Topic one: brief description or outline (100 words)

This course works through a stage-based approach to care. It begins with wellness, prevention, and maintenance, including early attention to comorbidities. The next stage in this model is surface-level conditions. The next stage is the organ-level involvement, then the nervous system, and circulatory system. Lastly, is recovery, wellness, and the address of latent, or chronic recurrent results. This thought is based on a 2,000 historical review of epidemic disease approaches using herbal medicine.

3 learning objectives

Learners who attend will be able to:

1. Identify stages of epidemic disease progressions

2. Locate herbal medicines for each stage

3. Use signs and symptoms to determine the stage of progression

  • Date : November 5, 2020 - November 9, 2020
  • Time : 1:01 pm - 1:01 pm