Herbs for Sexual Health & Wellbeing – Canadian Herb Conference

Herbs for Sexual Health & Wellbeing

Herbs for Sexual Health & Wellbeing

75 minutes  

Go beyond aphrodisiac herbs in this intro to the origins of our desire from a traditional medicine perspective and the plant medicines that can be used to engender our good health and cultivation of our sexual energies.

It is said that we are made of the earth & the stars and that these energies coming together are an integral part of our creative & nourishing forces in our lives.  These energies play an important role in our bodies development of our sexuality, our desire and in reproduction. In this talk we will be discussing the philosophies of the creation of desire and the cultivation of sexual energy along with corresponding herbal protocols. We will be discussing the plant medicines and other techniques to support the body, things to engender our good health and therefore the cultivation of sexual energies.

Learning objectives

  • Discussion on the traditional philosophy of desire 
  • The creation of desire in the body via organ systems 
  • Herbal, nutritive & emotional support to cultivate sexual energy
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