Llyn y fan fach: the Lady of the Lake – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2022 CHC

Llyn y fan fach: the Lady of the Lake

With the rise of our modern dependence on analytical intellectualism and an attachment to literal presentations of information, we have lost our connection to the ancient systems of wisdom keeping through Storytelling and Myth. Through unlocking the symbolic keys of ancient myth we can once again experience the wisdom collected and passed on by our ancient ancestors. The ‘fairy’ tales of old Europe that evolved before the division of the Eurasian languages give us access to ancient view points and teaching.

You will hear the story of the magical lake fairy of Llyn y fan fach, and how she brought the wisdom of plant healing to the people of Myddfai in Wales, U.K. This story speaks about the ancient genesis of healing, and how best to maintain our balance with the natural world that exists both within us and around us.

3 learning objectives:

  • Understand the symbolic keys contained in ancient wisdom tales.
  • Appreciate the role of story telling and myth in learning and healing.
  • Fully absorb the insights and wisdom of an ancient medicine tale about the beginning of medicine.
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