Mushrooms as Food and Medicine – Ticket Required – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Mushrooms as Food and Medicine – Ticket Required

In this day-long seminar, we will explore the top dozen or more medicinal mushrooms and how they can benefit clinical herbalists and their clients for both acuteĀ  and chronic health conditions. For various reasons, many clients will not take tinctures and others prefer to include food as their medicine.

Along the way various insights and myths about medicinal mushrooms, as well asĀ  complementary herbs and contraindications will be discussed. This will include evidence of efficacy and benefit from both fruiting body and mycelium based products, methods of use, time of administration and dosage for various health challenges.

Lunch provided will be a vegan, gluten-free lunch.
Students will have 60-minute lunch break where they could also go and get food in Cumberland (10 minute drive).

Ticket required. Register here.

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