Remembering Sweetness: Summer Solstice Heart Medicine & Herbal Alchemy with Honey – Canadian Herb Conference
2024 VIHG

Remembering Sweetness: Summer Solstice Heart Medicine & Herbal Alchemy with Honey

The Summer solstice is often a time of celebration, berries ripening, time on the Land, long days and soaking up the Sun ~ in Traditional Chinese Medicine the Summer is correlated with the Heart, and the element of Fire. In this Summer Solstice workshop we will be connecting with all things Heart Medicines. As many of us are needing these Heart Plant kin, and extra care now more than ever. Both from a cardiovascular perspective, and an emotional + spiritual one. When we come back to our Hearts this ripples out to all of Creation, to all of our relationships, to our communities, families & also to ourselves. We will delve into the TCM Heart organ system, manifestations of imbalance, and ways to harmonize this meridian with herbs, food, emotional well being, and lifestyle shifts.

In honouring these Summer solstice energies, and our Hearts, we will be working with Honey as our medium ~ remembering the sweetness of being here too. Honey is a beautiful Medicine in & of itself, and one that is a favourite to work with for a variety of herbal medicine preparations. We will learn to craft, and taste, honey based remedies including (if time allows) electuaries, oxymels, and herbal syrups with seasonal herbs & berries. Honey Medicines are a wonderful option for folks who may be sensitive to alcohol, as well as for little ones, or anyone who wants their medicine to taste delicious while still effective. We will cover herbal formulations, as well as indications for when honey based medicines may be most indicated & supportive. We will also discuss, and enjoy, ways to work with the medicines beyond the bottle, including in mock tails, herbal lattes, and foods.

Join us for an evening filled with love medicine, heart tenderness, Summer abundance, sweetness and crafting some delicious medicines as we gather together and honour the longest days of the year.