Somatics of Grief: Plant Medicines for loss & grief – Canadian Herb Conference
20 minute pre-record 2023 CHC

Somatics of Grief: Plant Medicines for loss & grief

Grief is something many, if not all, of us are familiar with. Yet it is something that still holds stigma, and discomfort in our current society. Death is something that we all will have relationship with, one that while being a natural part of Life, is often something many folks are unprepared for. Of course, there are other forms of grief that are common: loss of a relationship, infertility, eco grief, language loss, current oppressions, changes in work or home environments etc. Sadness is typically the emotion associated with grief. However it is more complex than this. There may be anxiety, anger, regret, guilt and various physiological shifts that happen during grief. These physiological shifts may come through the body as physical symptoms. Our physical bodies often require special care & support during grief, alongside our emotional bodies. Of course, remembering we are woven as one, and that our emotional wellbeing impacts our physical health and vice versa. In Somatics of Grief we will cover some of the symptoms & physiological changes that happen during periods of intense or acute grief, including a Traditional Chinese Medicine lens, as well as Plant Medicines, Flower Essences, and other modalities that may support folks who are grieving.