Aly Coy


Aly Coy, owner of Barefoot Daughter, has made herbal soap and has been immersed in herbal medicine since 2011. She first learned how to grow medicinal herbs and make soaps and salves at a squatted communal farm in The Netherlands just outside of Amsterdam. From there she moved off-the-grid to The Spanish Pyrenees, where she became the resident herbalist because of the lack of doctors and abundance in wild plants. She studied with Wild Seed School of Herbalism in 2014 and Seraphina Capranos in 2018 both on Salt Spring Island, where she currently lives. Aly is in her fourth year of owning and operating Barefoot Daughter: botanical body care and sells at farmers markets, festivals and online. Herbal soap workshops are a way for her to encourage self sufficiency and teach folks how to make a chemical free bar, with herbs to colour and pure essential oil to scent.