Dr. Rosarie Kingston


Like other health care professionals my training involved the study of the biological sciences, clinical diagnostic techniques, and the tradition and science of plants that can be used therapeutically. I obtained an M.Sc in herbal medicine from the University of Wales, and a PhD from University College Cork.

My peer reviewed publications include the following articles:

  • Folk Medicine and Its Second Life. Estudios Irlandeses, 2017. 12(2): p. 91-106.
  • The Evil Eye and Biomedicine. Béascna, 2017. 10: p. 65-83.
  • A Tale of Two Bonesetters. Béascna, 2013. 8: p. 89-102
  • A brief examination of the therapeutic properties of some of the herbs mentioned in the National Folklore Schools Collection (NFCS), Co. Clare. Béascna, 2011.

Book (Sept 2021) "Ireland's Hidden Medicine"


Culture and its influence on clinical practice


The World of Herbs