Joanna Finch


Vancouver islander Joanna Finch is essentially a playful sensualist, whose passion for dance, music and mysticism merges in “VocalEase”, a communication form that helps others to free their spirit and voice. A classical and jazz trained singer/recording artist with a background in theatre, dance and human service work, Joanna takes her interest of natural sounds into the metaphysical, believing that the sounds we make with our voices and bodies help to create the physical world we live in. Our voices are powerful tools in healing and celebration. When we listen to our authentic voice and follow the movements of our natural rhythm we rediscover our interconnectedness with nature.

Happy to be asked back to the 2015 Herb Gathering, Joanna inspired workshop participants to express themselves in the 2013 Gathering with her “Natrurstra” vocal symphony and in the Plant Wisdom workshop with Chanchal Cabrera. This year Joanna is offering early morning walking-singing meditations and a Sound As Medicine workshop.

Herb Walk

Nature Soundscape – voice and movement, silence and stillness