A Discussion on Decolonizing Herbal Practices – Canadian Herb Conference
2020 workshops

A Discussion on Decolonizing Herbal Practices

A Discussion on Decolonizing Herbal Practices 

75 minutes  

There are many examples of recent efforts to bring about more awareness to the way we are walking through this world; we are being asked to stop and look with more awareness of diversity, inclusivity and to examine our own personal privileges. As herbalists and plant medicine people on this land collectively known as Turtle Island, it is vitally important to reflect on how these calls to action affect the way we work with plants, the land and our communities. Join Herbalists Tiffany Freeman, a Neyihaw living in Calgary, and Amber Fox, a person of settler ancestry living on Vancouver Island, for a discussion on the importance of these reflections and ways to decolonize our herbal practices in a sharing and open hearted discussion on entitlement, privilege, and colonialism in plant medicine & harvesting.

  • Date : November 5, 2020 - November 9, 2020
  • Time : 1:01 pm - 1:01 pm